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Rivian R1A x AirBnB

Spring 2020 | Duration: 4 months

Role: UX, Interaction, VR-experience Designer.

Summer 2021 | Duration: 3 weeks

Role: Exterior and Interior Designer. 

Adventure vehicle in 2025 concept

Rivian R1A is a transportation studio project, focusing on mobility solutions in 2025.

The vehicle is a solution for subscription economy where users rent a vehicle for roadtrip.

Virtual reality experience

The project begins in Spring 2020 as a Studio group project. 

Back then, I teamed up with talented Designers: Ben Russ and Kira Staubach:

  • Ben Russ focused on making the exterior and the seat. 

  • Kira explored Color, Material, and Finishes. 

  • I developed the User Experience and VR prototype.

Formerly, it was a project branded Lincoln x AirBnB.

Here is the video of the Virtual Reality exhibition, hope you enjoy :)

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