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Digit - Assistive Device

StartUp UC's cohort project

As a product designer at Optimus Ride, my main responsibility was to envision the future of user experience for Driverless Vehicle Experience (DVX) on level 4 autonomy.

  • Focused on human interaction and developing the user journey for the autonomous vehicle. I conducted research, interview, ideation, prototype, testing, and proposed different interaction points on the vehicle. 

  • Developed visual communication on the exterior, the interactive LED panel in the interior, and the platform seating configuration (with ADA focus).

  • Responsible for the industrial design aspect of hardware concepts.

  • Collaborated with mechatronics and mechanical engineers to design LiDAR sensors housing, front dashboard, and other interactive devices.

  • Communicated the product vision to various stakeholders via virtual reality, renders, and animation. 

Detailed portfolio is available upon request

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